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Happy Friyaaay! The weekend calls for dressier attire, so today I decided to write about this look that I call the winter tuxedo.



Happy Wednesday everyone! I recently saw a photo on pinterest of someone wearing a neutral sweater dress that tied around the waist.  You have probably seen this type of dress before, I have been wanting to add one to my wardrobe but I haven’t found one so in the meantime I decided to recreate that look a slightly different way. All you need is two sweaters of the same color tone. Match it with a nice skater or high-waisted skirt and then simply add your shoes and accessories of the same color tone. I love how this outfit looks so sophisticated even with the sweater tied around the waist. So what to do you say? Give yourself a chance to recreate this look!

IMG_6182 IMG_6173 IMG_6185 IMG_6184 IMG_6174 IMG_6186

Wearing: Vintage Coat (similar here) |  Sweater | DENIM Skirt | Boots | Raybans

Photos taken by Henry Young


When it’s meant to be, it will happen? Right? I am a fond believer of that saying, and it applies to so many aspects in life. Let me tell you the story about these shoes. These knot detailed mules are Proenza Schouler and retail for about $795.00.

***Disclosure: Being the “sale” savvy girl that I am, it’s really hard for me to buy full price items. I’ve gotten better with time (ahem my designer bags), but I mainly blame my bargaining ways,  on my high school years, way before I was in the fashion industry. I always liked to dress well and in well I mean the high-end designer type of well. I was always on the lookout for the latest trends and let’s face it my minimum wage job at the time just wasn’t cutting it. So that’s why I became such a great sale finder. ***

With that said, when I first saw these shoes, it was love at first sight. I saw them in a Vogue magazine and from that moment I knew they had to be mine. When I found them online and saw the price, I automatically said, “hopefully they go on sale later“, and that was that. Weeks went by and with all the holiday rush, my so called, love, at first sight, started diminishing to the point that I had forgotten all about them. It wasn’t until a couple days after Christmas, I was going through the Barneys warehouse sale where I came across my loves!! Waiting for me, and only me, because there was only one size left (which was mine), and at 60% off! It was at that moment, that I knew they were meant to be mine.

Hope you all have a great Monday and a great start of the week! As always thanks for stopping by, and for all your comments, you guys are seriously the best!! xx

IMG_5965 IMG_5960 IMG_5961 IMG_5967 IMG_5959 IMG_5963 IMG_5966 IMG_5964 IMG_5958

Wearing: Trench | Lace Blouse | Raw Hem Denim | Handbag | Shoes |


It’s Friyaay, and I in back in “chilly” San Diego! Weather has everything to do with our outfits right? So lately I have found myself wearing a lot of beanies, not necessarily because it’s freezing (because it’s not), but because it’s been gloomy and rainy. On gray days, I always opt for something cozy and I don’t mean a sweatshirt and uggs. I mean an oversized sweater, or jeans and with booties and a cozy cashmere sweater. Today I decided to pair up a soft velvet tank with my oversized Bobeau cardigan. Both pieces are so soft and surprisingly warm. To make it look a bit more dressed up, I wore my IRO boots.

Before I go, I want to encourage all of you to explore your closet possibilities. Just because it’s winter, doesn’t mean you can’t wear a cami, or a lace summer skirt, it all has to do with how you pair them. For example, a couple weeks ago I posted a lace summer skirt with a cape and it ended up being one of my most liked outfits on instagram. Check it out here.

Hope you all have a great weekend and as always thanks for stopping by.

IMG_4348 IMG_4346 IMG_4351 IMG_4347 IMG_4350

Wearing: Bobeau oversized cardigan | Velvet cami | Phase 3 Beanie | IRO Boots | Res Denim | Celine Handbag




Stripes, stripes, stripes! Who loves them, who hates them? If you follow along on Instagram you know I wear stripes day and night. So much, that when I go shopping with my friends, and they see a striped shirt, they will pull it out, show it to me and say, this is so you! Haha. I usually go with basic color stripes but when I came across this fun multi-color shirtdress, I knew it had to be mine. I love how color is coming back (… and strong!) nowadays. The shirtdress has a small hint of pink, so I decided to wear my pink duster to make it stand out more.

Hope you all have a great hump day! I woke up today in beautiful Cabo San Lucas, M E X I C O. I love everything about Mexico, and even though this trip is short, I am so happy to be here. Make sure to follow along on Instagram @blank_itinerary and snapchat @blankitinerary

IMG_4337 IMG_4336 IMG_4338 IMG_4334

Wearing: ASOS Coat | Glamorous Striped Dress | Joie Boots (similar) | Dior Sunglasses | Chanel Handbag

Photos were taken by Henry Young

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The year has officially started, the vacation jetlag is long gone and everyone is back in the rat race. Busy days do better with multiple coffee’s to go and easy outfits that can get us through our hectic day. A few weeks ago, someone asked me if I could do an affordable outfit post, and so here it is. Both the blouse ($20.00) and skirt ($25.00) are from Zara. You guys already know how much I love neutrals, so it comes to no surprise that I combined these two hues. I went with a gray fedora and boots and last but not least used a green silky scarf to tie in all the colors. Never sell accessories too short, they always go a long way when it comes to making or breaking an outfit.

What other posts would you like me to do? I seriously read ALL your comments, and emails, so please do tell, I am all ears.


IMG_4147 IMG_4151 IMG_4146 IMG_4148 IMG_4149

Wearing: Zara Blouse | Zara Skirt | Schutz Boots | Fedora | Chloe Handbag | Silky Scarf

Photos taken by Henry Young

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Top of the morning to you! It’s Monday, officially the start off of a brand new week. I am in LA this morning, have some last minute meetings before jetting off to Cabo San Lucas tomorrow. Even though it’s a short trip, I am excited to enjoy the beach and get my vitamin D soon. But more on that later, for now, let’s chat about this outfit.

My inspiration behind this look came from the 60’s era. I purchased this ZARA top for $20.00 bucks last week, and since then I have already worn it twice. On the other hand, I received these denim overalls (amazing fit btw) a couple months ago and I had never really gotten around to them, they were literally just waiting patiently in my closet until I remembered I had them. For me, overalls are a love vs. hate thing, I love how they look on other people, but I didn’t feel quite like myself when wearing them, so the other day when I decided to give them another chance, I decided to jump into it slowly. I wore this blouse so that the silk tie at the collar would somewhat cause a distraction from the overall bib. I then added a neutral sleeveless vest to keep the “layering” style going strong. Overall, now that I see the photos, I really do love the look and am willing to give overalls another chance. I guess it’s how you style things that make it your style. Right? Or what do you say? Yay or nay to overalls?

IMG_4133 IMG_4134 IMG_4137 IMG_4132 IMG_4131 IMG_4136 IMG_4135

Wearing: Glamorous Vest (similar)| Hart Denim Overalls | Zara Blouse (bought in store but similar here)| Shoes | Handbag (in love with this one too!)

Photos were taken by Henry Young

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