February means love, chocolate shaped hearts, flowers and most importantly… Fashion Week!!!

Welcome to the most exciting, cold, and extremely hectic non-stop week in the fashion world! Prepping for fashion week not only takes a lot of outfit planning but also time management, anticipation of long days and unexpected meetings, events, etc. That is why I always make sure I am stylishly ready for anything that might come up.

For this trip, my go-to essential piece is my Levi’s 501®s. They are a timeless piece for an iconic street style look with the versatility to be perfect for the inevitable morning meetings, exclusive brunches, and then from show-to-show!wear them every other day anyways, but the other day I paired them up with my new green suede Céline heels!

For me, it’s important to make sure my outfits for Fashion Week describe my style and personality but it’s also important to strategize. There always isn’t much time to change so my Levi’s 501s are the perfect solution for an easy day to night transition. Just change a couple accessories and statement pieces and you have a completely new look. I am so excited to share all the amazing things going on at Fashion Week, this Levi’s partnership being one of them! Make sure to follow me on snapchat @blankitinerary and check in on the blog to stay updated on my latest adventures and get the inside scoop of fashion trends!
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Wearing: Vintage Coat | Blouse | Jeans | Shoes | Sunglasses

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