Don’t get me wrong, I love makeup and how it makes me feel confident and glamorous! But, it is also important to feel just as confident and beautiful make-up free! We all have different skin issues we struggle with but it is important that we strive to love our natural beauty. I try to have a consistent skin care routine to keep my skin healthy and glowing so I can feel at my best, make-up or no make-up. 

I have tried a million different products and cleansers to find the one that best suits my skin type. I really like Aveeno’s Clear Complexion Foam Cleanser. It works well with my skin and always leaves it feeling clean and smooth. Part of my routine is putting sunblock on every day. Especially living in San Diego, it’s crucial to protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays to avoid skin cancer, wrinkles and dark spots from developing. I follow up my face-washing with Aveeno’s Clear Complexio moisturizer . I love more natural looks and I often wear little or no make-up. These two simple steps are part of my daily skin care routine and all I need to start a new day feeling fresh, confident and beautiful. 

People Magazine and Aveeno are actually partnering up to promote women’s natural beauty. Upload a photo of yourself that best represents your naturally beautiful self on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter and hashtag #PeopleNaturalBeauty. You could win a professional photo shoot in New York City and appear in the PEOPLE 50 Most Beautiful issue as well as receive a selection of Aveeno products. All you have to do is upload a photo!! And remember to love the skin you are in!

Click here for more information on the contest. 

IMG_0801 IMG_0800 IMG_0799 IMG_0817 IMG_0816 IMG_0813

Thank you to Aveeno and People Mag for sponsoring this post. 

Fishtail braids on blank itinerary

Looking for hair inspiration? You have come to the right place!

As you scroll down, you will find all the different hair do’s that TRESemmé did for me during NYFW. As the official hair care sponsor of NYFW, it felt like a natural fit to partner with TREemmé again this season! So whether you are looking for wedding hair inspo, or simply want to try something new at home, you can now browse through all these different looks and pick your favorite! Oh and don’t forget to tell ME your favorite, because I will be picking one of these looks to show you how to recreate at home! A DIY tutorial of some sort!

Estas buscando inspiración para tu próximo peinado? Has llegado al lugar correcto! En este artículo encontraras todos mis peinados que fueron hechos por TRESemme durante la semana de la moda en Nueva York. Así que ya sea si estás buscando inspiración para tu próxima boda, o simplemente estas aburrida y quieres experimentar algún peinado en casa, visita las fotos abajo para que escojas tu favorito! Y antes de que se vayan, no se les olvide comentar cual fue su peinado favorito para que yo les pueda enseñar cómo hacerlo! Estaré atenta de sus comentarios para después hacer un tutorial sobre eso!  

tastefully twisted hair bun

First #HOTD was, as the TRESemmé team would say, a tastefully twisted bun. The day was very windy (and cold!) and I had a lot of layers on, so I wanted my hair up, but with a very effortless vibe, so this tastefully twisted bun hit the spot perfectly!

hair bun inspiration

Para el primer día de NYFW, se me antojo tener el pelo recogido porque había mucho viento. El equipo de TRESemme me hizo, lo que le llaman, un chongo “Tastefully Twisted”. Le pusieron ese nombre, porque justo hacen un nudo con dos pedazos de pelo y luego dejan el pelo suelto para que de un look sofisticado “sin esfuerzo”.


two braids

The next day, I was wearing a hat with my outfit, so TRESemmé and I decided to get creative! Instead of just wearing my typical beach waves, we decided to make two small braids with a knot in the middle so that it could peak under the hat. It’s funny how something so simply can make a world of a difference!


El próximo día, me puse un sombrero con mi outfit entonces el equipo de TRESemme soltó la creatividad con mi peinado. Decidimos hacer dos trenzas a los lados con un nudito al juntarse las dos partes. Es increíble como algo tan sencillo se puede ver tan increíble! Como dicen, menos es más!

dutch braids and mara hoffman levis jacket

Let me start off my saying how much I LOVE dutch milk braids. It was almost a given that I was going to choose this hairstyle for NYFW. I decided to save this hair do for my Mara Hoffman vintage Levis jacket. To keep the boho vibes going, you know?

paola alberdi excited with her dutch milk braids

El tercer día, decidí hacerme unas trenzas cruzadas. Me encanta este peinado, y la verdad ya venía con la mentalidad de hacérmelo para NYFW. Decidí hacérmelo para el tercer día porque iba ir a la presentación de Mara Hoffman y quedo perfecto con mí chamara de levis. Que les parece?


This side part low ponytail was inspired from a photo I had originally seen on Pinterest. I decided to make the look my own by adding a delicate fishtail braid on one side. Funny enough, as I got to the Rachel Zoe presentation, the models had fishtails in their hair as well. Meant to be!


Este peinado fue inspirado por una foto que vi en Pinterest. Tienen tantas buenas ideas ahí, me fascina!! Le di un toque personal con una trenza de pescado de un lado. Cuando fui al desfile de Rachel Zoe, sabía que le había atinado al peinado porque todas las modelos tenían el mismo!


Last but not least, my fishtail French braid hair do. I have to admit this look was my personal favorite! I received so many compliments on it as well. So chic, stylish, yet so romantic. It pairs well with any outfit, can’t wait to wear it again!

fishtail braids on the streets of new york

Finalmente, mi trenza de pescado francesa. Es una combinación súper divertida y fue mi peinado favorito! Recibí muchísimos cumplidos sobre mi pelo ese día. Definitivamente es un look divertido, romántico, y llamativo. Se ve bien con todo!


Well, there you have it! All my hair do’s in one. I want to personally thank the TRESemmé team for being so talented and helping my hair look fabulous every morning. It’s incredible how much your hair style can change your whole look and make it better. New York Fashion week can be tough, but having a great team like TRESemmé to rely on is golden!

Pues ahí lo tienen! Todos mis peinados de NYFW! Quiero agradecerle al talentoso equipo de TRESemme por el gran trabajo que hicieron y por hacer que me pelo se viera increíble todos los días! Es impresionante como el pelo te puede cambiar totalmente tu look y mejorarlo! NYWF puede ser muy pesado, pero el equipo de TRESemme definitivamente me facilito la vida. 

Now, before you go, please do tell, which one was your favorite! No se les olvide decirme cual peinado fue su favorito! 

This post is sponsored by TRESemmé, a product of Unilever.


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, unless of course you have perfect skin all year round!

Winter months are treacherous on my skin. I can never get enough moisture! My main problem is the feeling of chapped skin, which if I don’t treat it, it can lead to peeling and small rashes. I have been a HUGE fan of bareMinerals since forever, it was the first makeup I ever used, and I have continue to use it for the past 10 years. You can imagine my excitement when they announced their newest skincare products! That being said, I have tried them all out and have listed below my two routines depending on the season.


My skincare regimen for winter goes as follows

Pure Plush: This product helps lift away makeup and impurities without stripping the skin. (Exactly what I need!)

Butter Drench: I love using this as a night cream. It gives me the perfect moisture I need after a long day and leaves my skin feeling super smooth.

Oil Obsessed: This is an alternative for Pure Plush. I use it every other day, it’s an ultra lightweight oil that glides onto the skin to remove impurities. Super light, great for sensitive skin and the lavender smell is so good!


My skincare regimen for summer goes as follow:

Clay Chameleon: This papaya extract and Brazilian red clay is great for detoxifying the skin, after those hot summer days.

Bare Haven: Great moisture, and the consistency is still soft and light, so it can be worn in the mornings.

Oil Obsessed: This is an alternative to the Clay Chameleon. I have sensitive skin, so I have noticed that my skin reacts better when I don’t use the same cleanser everyday.

The product I recommend everyone to try out is the Skinlongevity – Vital Power Infusion. It makes your skin GLOW and it’s clinically proven to improve your overall skin appearance. It’s the second part of the process. It should be applied after cleansing and before moisturizing to reach it’s full purpose.

IMG_7323 IMG_7321 IMG_7320

Make sure to check out all their new products. Remember this regimen is what fits best for my skin and lifestyle, but lucky for you, they have products for all skin care products, so you can create your own. Click here to browse Bare Minerals newest skincare products.

Thank you to Bare Escentuals for sponsoring this post.